(Video) Dude breaks up fight by exposing fake friends

Just watch this guy rip apart the social media bullshit matrix and talk reality to two guys scrapping while their friends gawk at them and egg them on.

Great reminder of how often we search for things that look good on social media, rather than would be actually good for our lives.
It’s nice to snap back to reality and ponder how we can put ourselves in the dumbest of situations because we’re trying to please others.

“They still laughing at you.”

Via reddit

Part 3 of 3: Is pornography raping your brain?

The gang from the office are talking about who has most experience on a farm. One person even grew up on a farm. One person knows a girl who runs a very successful free-range chicken farm.

Then one bro pipes up, “I reverse-cowgirled her.” He was expecting lots of laughs, but that came out of nowhere. Now there’s an awkward silence as he has outed himself as a porn addict. Continue reading “Part 3 of 3: Is pornography raping your brain?”

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