Reflections on women for International Women’s Day (first post!)

Some trepidation as we embark

I had to start writing something for this blog sooner or later. Then I realized it was International Women’s Day. What better time to launch a gentleman’s blog, eh? (I joke, I joke).

I suppose there was a bit of trepidation in getting started. My intent has been to start a blog and online community geared toward men, and that said, just a simple place to gather and plan to be better men. Better people. Strong men with values and who accomplish great things.

The trepidation was around all the gender politics. And when I say “politics,” I mean all the douchebags and trolls I am likely to encounter who perceive any niche along the lines of ‘gender’ to be an arena for them to sling mud.

Oh Lord, give me the strength.

We are reflections of each other

I know not to waste time with guys who see some sort of inherent badness in women. Or that men have it so tough because women blah,blah,blah. They are merely projecting themselves. That is how we are ‘reflections’ of each other. That is to say, we reveal our perspectives and the values at our core when we view each other.

Have you noticed how guys who think all women are gold diggers always seem to be dating gold diggers?

Have you noticed how guys who think all women are ditzy tarts always seem to be dating ditzy tarts?

And how those relationships are usually doomed to failure because they are founded on negative, superficial attitudes?

Their minds seek out their own bias … and justify their own shittiness.

Hats off to great women

So if I’m to have a perception of capital ‘W’ Women, or if I am forced to have general thoughts of ‘all women everywhere,’ then I guess it’s this: I hope they keep getting stronger. More powerful. I want them to challenge me. I hope they challenge my values. I hope they prove me wrong over and over again.

Since we are all reflections of each other, that is how I’m going to grow and get stronger.

I’m lucky to be surrounded by great women in my life. What’s more, I’ve never really struggled with women, that is, in the way some guys on the internet seem to be outraged by some malevolent female force I’ve never come across.

Hats off to the women in my life, who have made me stronger, and who I watch nurture better lives all around them every day.

First post

I’m also cognizant the first post on a blog usually becomes a kind of DNA molecule. The other posts and blog as a whole spring out from there. When you unpack the whole thing down the road, you can find elements of everything in that first post.

That first post is a microcosm of the whole greater thing.

Hence, why writing this first post was so daunting.

Thankfully, International Women’s Day was there to give me something to work with. The opportunity to start with something great.

“From small seeds, great things grow,” or something like that.

So I thought I’d like to pay tribute to Malala Yousafzai with this first post.

I think of the young girl who expressed herself despite prevailing opinions, who risked her life in the name of children’s education and for other girls, who was so brave in the face of the shittiest of men.

I think of her courage. I think of her determination. And the kind of wisdom held by someone so young. She has so much of what I don’t. But I’m working on it.

For Malala Yousafzai, Happy International Women’s Day.


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