How to get an amesome girlfriend

There is one characteristic all women find attractive. Like, ‘tearing off clothes and leading you by the arm to the bedroom’ attractive. Any guy can have it but it’s not easy. It takes work.

A lot of people say it’s ‘confidence’ but that’s only partially true. Confidence is a byproduct of this thing.

The characteristic that all women get weak in the knees for is: Having your fucking shit put together and absolutely attacking life.

Here, we’ll discuss how to put it together with the ladies in mind.

Core + Focus + Drive


Your core values are what you fall back on when life gets stormy. When things get tough, are you the boat lost at sea with no compass and no anchor? Or are you the lighthouse?

Write down who you are deep inside. What are your values? What are your larger perspectives on life? What are the things inside you that are still going to be there 10 years from now?

You have to actually write it down, though.  This doesn’t work if you don’t write anything down. If nothing’s written down, you have nothing inside you. If you have nothing to work with, no one can help you.


What are you doing with your life? Doing great at your job? Meh, okay. What for? What are you passionate about? What is the one thing you are going to strive for in life?

Life is very, very short. So find something to strive toward. Make it a burning passion that you work towards every single day. It can be fun – maybe you’re born to windsurf.It can be serious. It can be a level of self-improvement, a place you want to live, something precious you want to own, a lifestyle you want to live, an industry you want to be at the top of.

When you focus on your one thing with laser beam focus, it will display your core values.

Write down your mission in life. Write. It. Down. If you’re not prepared to get a little weird now, you’re not prepared for the weirdness the world is going to throw at you on your mission.


You have your core principles and values. You are the lighthouse, not the wandering boat. You know what the one thing in your life is that supersedes all else. Now how hard can you drive toward it?

Make it every day. Every. Single. Day. You are pushing, hustling, grinding your way toward that thing. If windsurfing is your thing, then every day you’ve got two hours where you are researching, saving money, training, or polishing off your windsurfing gear and constantly planning how to level up at it.

There are no shortage of books and other media on commitment, determination, productivity, and, in a word, ‘drive’. Make yourself a burning flame in the universe cutting a swath through the world and leaving a smoldering trail toward your thing.

Core + Focus + Drive is like drugs for other people

When these three attributes – core + focus + drive – are switched on, people want to be near you. That energy is infectious. It makes people wonder:

“How does he do it?”

“I wish I had energy like that.”

“He’s so happy lately.”

“I wish I could be successful like that.”

“I wish I had that much time.”

“Heavens to Betsy, he is hot and I want to screw his brains out.”

Know what you want in a girlfriend and go to where she is

If you are you just trying to catch any fish, you will have a hard time catching one.

If you want a mighty and majestic swordfish, you have to know exactly what they’re like, you have to be a fit in their environment, and you have to have all the pieces to attract a swordfish and – most importantly – you have to go to where swordfish actually are.

If you are looking in a bar for a girl who enjoys rock climbing, you could be looking for a very long time.

If you are looking on Plenty of Fish for a girl with higher philosophical aspirations, you could be looking for a very long time.

But knowing exactly what you are looking for will point you toward where you should be looking. Also being able to state exactly what you want will help amazing girls figure how to fit the bill.

This can be through online dating or adapting to the right environment. Be a force for what you want in life and people will align themselves with you.



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