Wheelchair bound father puts daughter in jiu-jitsu, becomes blue belt himself

After becoming “confined” to a wheel chair, this dad put his daughter in jiu-jitsu. He was scared he wouldn’t be able to protect her and he wanted her to be confident and able to protect herself.

Then she wanted him to join her.

He said he couldn’t. He’s in a wheelchair, of course.

She said, “Just try.”

He would eventually go on to get a blue belt and compete in tournaments.

What struck me the most was how before he thought being in a wheelchair was his whole life. Then once he made it past that mental barrier, there’s a whole new life. When he’s on the mat, even when he’s getting beaten up and losing, he feels free. Free from that confining part of this life. Now he wonders what else he can do “with this life.”

Hats off, sir.

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