Pick one person today and be amazing for them. Just do it, it’ll be awesome.

I just thought of a wicked internet prank to play today. 

Pick one person you’re doing to run into today, and go above and beyond the usual humdrum bullshit for them. Make their day great.

I know! Lulz, right?! They won’t even see it coming! They’ll be all like, “Is this like some viral internet thing where you’re mean to me and everyone gets big laughs?”

And you’ll be all like, “HAHAHA you look so dumb right now because I’m not even filming and I’m being good to you because you’re awesome and I hope you have a great day.”

That’s SO random!

Let’s step outside the norm. Stop pretending we’re living the same day over and over again, because we’re not.

We’re going to step outside the script today. With just one person, we’re not going to just go through the motions. We’re not just going to wait until it’s time to move on to the next thing in our day.

We’re going to make someone’s day special.

Some ideas are:

  1. Know a great server at a restaurant? Write a letter to the manager saying how awesome that employee is. Or leave glowing reviews mentioning that server on Yelp/google maps
  2. Know someone in the hospital? You could really make their day with a visit and some gifts. And instead of just bringing flowers, find out what they could actually use – socks? Favourite food? A tablet?
  3. Bring a card to a police station/fire station/EMS dispatch/junior high school with a heartfelt thank you for the work they do
  4. Buy someone’s groceries
  5. Give the grocery store cashier a lottery ticket with a wink and a smile
  6. Vacuum and clean the inside of your girlfriend’s nasty ass, disgusting car. (I mean, really, how does it get so bad?!)
  7. Make a big healthy lunch and give it to a homeless person (include some socks and underwear to unlock achievement badge)
  8. Often people drop off too much of what they think a charity needs instead of finding out what they really need. Like a low income day care will get a library’s worth of books they don’t have space for but really need things like materials for crafts. Find a preferred charity in your area, check their website/phone them, and ask them if they have any Gift-In Kind needs? Clothes? A computer? Pet food? Then go get that for them.
  9. Babysit for a friend who has a kid so they can go out and have fun.
  10. Clean your friend’s house
  11. Shovel your neighbor’s snow. Or do the whole block.
  12. Point out a colleague’s great work by addressing it in front of the whole team
  13. Spend time with your mom and/or dad. Help them with their computer problems while you’re at it.
  14. Invite that person who doesn’t get invited
  15. Set up a game of softball/bocce ball/epic pillow fight. The more the merrier!

So right now, think of one person you know or even just someone like the grocery store cashier. And do something to make their day great. Seriously. Just do it. Go. Yes.

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