Welcome, sir.

You have entered a small but formidable group of chaps that congregate here to discuss being greater men than society would expect of us.

We roll our eyes at the image projected in media of the ‘beer commercial slob’ who is too dumb to do anything except watch television and eat junk food. We pity blokes who need resort to “pick up lines” and ‘neg’ on drunk chicks in bars.

What if – yes, dream! – what if men didn’t have to be complete shit heads? We aim to be pillars in our families and communities. We hope to be lighthouses for others who believe we are capable of more in our lives. We inspire our romantic partners.

Instead of a secret handshake, we have a knowing look. For example, one chap might meet another fellow at a house party. They make conversation about their latest exploits in their careers and have a laugh about their mutual friends. Then suddenly a young man interrupts. The young man is dressed like he came out of a bad music video filmed in the mall.

“Where them bitches at?” says the young man. “You know what I’m saying? I’m here to do two things. Make money and bang bitches. High five me on that.”

Ah. Here, our first two chaps exchange a knowing glance, and immediately recognize each other as members of the Secret Society of Solid Dudes.

Where can such men find respite from the hoards of douchebags, shit heads, and morons? Where is sanctuary from all the media messages insisting we are just dumb slobs who only aspire to languish in front of the television?

Perhaps – and this is going way out on a limb – perhaps, some men don’t need to be sleazy pick up fools to attract women.

Where are such men?

Here, sir. Here.

Gentlemen, at your leisure.

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